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We continue to use Online for their reliable and timely service. Their modern CCTV equipment and experienced operators are great.


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I’ve used OnLine’s services for close to 23 years. We have built a great working relationship based on efficient and professional service and I will continue to use OnLine.


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We have a long held relationship with OnLine, they have very experienced operators and their availability is fantastic.


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I have been working with Online for many years. I am impressed with their modern equipment and availability. Their operators are always on time and get the results we need.


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10 Tips for preventing Blocked Stormwater Drains


With a busy lifestyle, we often have the best intentions in regards to regular maintenance around the home only for them to end up on a list of "Things to do" (one day). 

If this is the case, the best place to start is to check if you've noticed any of the following signs of a blocked stormwater drain.

Leaves in a stormwater pipe can cause blockages

Signs of a blocked stormwater drain

º  Does water pour off your gutters during heavy rain?

º  Are your gutters often backed up or overflowing?

º  Are your stormwater drains regularly blocked?

º  Are your stormwater drains draining slowly?

º  If you have stormwater grates installed in concrete/pavers are they covered with leaves, sticks, grass clippings, chip bark, mulch, etc.?

If any of these sound familiar, your storm water drain/pipes may be blocked.

Tips for preventing blocked stormwater drains

Prepare a Preventative Maintenance Plan, including the following:

  1. Once a month check your downpipes and gutters - remove leaves, sticks, and dirt where practicable. Leaf matter and other debris can prevent water from reaching the downpipe.
  2. Check all downpipes - if there is a blockage flushing out with a hose may help. Alternatively, call your local plumber for advice and assistance.
  3. Consider installing gutter guards (monthly visual checks should be done*).
  4. Consider installing a leaf diverter on your down pipes to ensure leaves and sticks fall to the ground.*
  5. On a weekly basis, do a quick spot check of all stormwater grates for a build up of debris and if present, remove all debris to prevent it entering the stormwater drain. Over time leaf matter will decay and slowly build up with dirt, sand, sticks etc. to form a compost-like blockage. This can cause problems with slow drainage, back-ups, and costly repairs due to overflows. It can also be costly to remove from a storm water drain.
  6. Consider installing filters on stormwater grates to stop leaves, debris, sand, and soil from entering your drains.
  7. Prevent any foreign object from entering your drains (e.g. building materials, children's toys, tennis balls, stones, weeds, tree roots, etc.).
  8. Once a year, have your drains water jetted to clear any debris. Online Pipe & Cable Locating are experts in water jetting and clearing blocked drains.
  9. If you notice your gutters, downpipes, or stormwater drains are draining slowly, you can save time and money by having them cleaned out sooner rather than later.
  10. Call Online Pipe & Cable Locating  on 1300 665 384 to discuss your needs and finding the most efficient and cost-effective way to clear your blocked drains and prevent future problems.

When is the best time for maintenance?

»  Before storms

»  After storms, flooding, or particularly windy days

»  During Autumn when deciduous trees and plants drop their leaves

»  The start and end of Summer



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Preventing leaves & debris entering the stormwater drain system