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Pipe & Cable Locating

Online Pipe & Cable Locating provides a wide range of pipe and cable locating services for councils, utility companies, contractors, trades people, developers and builders.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing uses a non-corrosive, odorless smoke to locate defects, cross connections and breaks in any size sewer or storm water system.

Leak Detection

Online Pipe & Cable Locating have access to a range of equipment and processes to locate leaks in underground pipes. This includes acoustic listening devices and electronic correlation equipment to accurately determine the position and depth of leaks.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Online Pipe & Cable Locating technicians are skilled in the use of Ground Penetrating Radar technology to locate underground utilities and provide a graphic image of the subsurface, underground or most hidden areas.

Water Jetting

Online Pipe & Cable Locating technicians use high velocity Water Jetting equipment ranging in size from 40mmØ to 1.2mØ to clean and clear drains and pipes. To remove blockages caused by the build-up of grease, we use a hot water unit for the water jetting process.

CCTV Inspection

Online Pipe & Cable Locating technicians have access to a wide range of CCTV cameras, providing a full color video inspection service on all types of pipes, sewer lines, water pipes and underground services conduits.

Non Destructive Digging

Online Pipe & Cable Locating technicians are trained in the use of Non-Destructive Digging and the use high pressure water to blast away the ground, sand, clay, dirt and other materials to expose or pot hole around pipes, cables, and underground utilities without incurring damage to the asset. A continual vacuum suction process then clears and removes the material around the service, which is then removed from site. This is a simple and quick way to expose underground assets and clean the site of unwanted materials with minimal risk.

Vacuum Loading

Online Pipe & Cable Locating’s Vacuum Loading service includes emptying and cleaning of all types of traps, holes and pits. Our mobile tanks have a storage capacity of more than 5,000 litres of sludge, storm water, sewer or other waste (liquid or dry).

Confined Spaces Unit

Online Pipe & Cable Locating's team of technicians are trained and certified to work in confined spaces unit and to conduct all types of piping services.

Pipe Freezing

Online Pipe & Cable Locating has a team of technicians trained in Pipe Freezing, a process that allows the isolation of a section of the pipe by freezing the content of the pipe to form an ice plug. The ice plug adheres to the pipe walls avoiding the eliminating the flow of water and enabling pipe repairs and maintenance to be performed.

Drains Cleared

With the use of high pressure water jets, Online Pipe & Cable Locating technicians can clear drains of most blockages. We have truck-mounted high pressure water jets as well as portable water jets units, and cold and hot water units on hand to clear any blockage.

We continue to use Online for their reliable and timely service. Their modern CCTV equipment and experienced operators are great.


Woolhara Council

I’ve used OnLine’s services for close to 23 years. We have built a great working relationship based on efficient and professional service and I will continue to use OnLine.


D & W Plumbing

We have a long held relationship with OnLine, they have very experienced operators and their availability is fantastic.


A & G Professional Plumbing

OnLine are a great team to work with. Their prompt timing, friendly service and cutting edge technology suits our business requirements accurately.


Robson Civil

I have been working with Online for many years. I am impressed with their modern equipment and availability. Their operators are always on time and get the results we need.


Blacktown Industrial Plumbing

I appreciate OnLine’s availability, professional service and the great results we can achieve with the modern equipment they use.


SN King Plumbing

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Welcome to Online Pipe & Cable Locating

Online Pipe & Cable Locating - Specialist pipe and cable location services 

Online Pipe and Cable Locating (Online Pipe)  is a 100% Australian owned and operated pipe and cable location company that has been providing professional plumbing and pipe tradesmen with specialist underground services since 1992.

Online Pipe promise prompt and efficient pipe and cable location services throughout Sydney, as well as the Canberra, Wollongong, Central Coast, Hunter, and Newcastle areas.

Online Pipe provides services to utility companies, councils, construction companies, builders, plumbers, and civil engineers and contractors. Online Pipe has been operating for more than 23 years and has expertise in providing professional solutions for the location of underground assets and ancillary services to help restore pipes and drains to working order.

Online Pipe prides itself in providing quality results

Online Pipe has the equipment and expertise to make your job easier. Using modern trace and find equipment, Online Pipe's technicians achieves accurate and effective results while providing same-day service. All of our technicians have undertaken safety training and induction courses and regularly attend training sessions. Our Occupational Health and Safety system provides the framework for working to Risk Assessments and Safe Work Method Statements. We hold current Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance policies.

Online Pipe offers a range of services to suite client and project requirements:

  • Blocked drains can be cleared with the use of high pressure water jets (truck-mounted and portable units). Depending on the scenario, both cold and hot water units can be utilised to clear pipe blockages.
  • CCTV inspections - Online Pipe has a wide range of specially developed cameras that allow us to provide a full colour video inspection service of underground pipes.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology is used to provide graphic images of the subsurface (including concrete scanning), underground, or most hidden areas.
  • Non-Destructive Digging is used for safe excavation around gas lines, water pipes, tree roots, and phone and electrical cables.
  • Pipe Freezing techniques control the flow of water in pipes, allowing repairs to be done.
  • Smoke testing involving a non-corrosive, odorless smoke, is used to locate defects in any size sewer or storm water system, as well as detecting cross connections and breaks.
  • Vacuum Loading involves emptying and cleaning all types of traps, holes and pits. Online Pipe’s mobile tanks that have the storage capacity to hold over 5,000 litres of sludge, storm water, sewer or other waste.
  • Online Pipe provides innovative pipe and cable locating services for councils, contractors, construction companies, developers and builders, and tradespeople.
  • Online Pipe has a team of well-trained technicians with all types of certifications, including working in a confined spaces unit, meaning we can service all types of underground pipe and cable issues.