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Penrith Pipe and Cable Locating

Building a residential complex or an office space on a new land requires pre-building operations, like pipe and cable locating. Why is that important? By finding out which kind of infrastructure lies in the ground before digging will save you money and secure the safety of the workers. 

Not only is working on uninspected land dangerous, but it can also slow down the construction work and raise overall costs.

If you are thinking about construction work in Penrith or its neighbourhood, our pipe and cable locating team can help you out. Mapping service is also included in our package and with drawings of the exact location of subsurface infrastructure you can plan out your development phases.

Our company has been in existence for 23 years already and we have encountered a lot of complicated cases upon which we built our vast experience. We can tackle any project, whether it is a commercial or a residential building site.


Pipe Repair Penrith

There are a few techniques that can help in pipe repairing and we are providing such services for our clients. Depending on the severity of the pipe fractures and the locations of the pipes, we offer different approaches.

One of them is water freezing. Water freezing is a term for injecting liquid nitrogen into the pipe which will cause the water to freeze in that part of the plumbing system. This does not involve shutting down the water completely, so the rest of the building will have functional plumbing.  

Another service that we are offering is smoke testing. This is a simple method for detecting where cracks and other fractures are located on pipes. We artificially create the smoke, which is totally harmless and odourless. Once we detect from where the smoke is coming out, we will know for sure where the crack is located. 

If the malfunctioning pipes are buried in-ground, we also offer the service of hydro excavation. This is a type of non-destructible digging which combines high water pressure and vacuum loading of the sludge. And if for some reason the hydro excavation cannot be performed, there is still the option of concrete cutting in order to reach pipes.


Removing Pipe Blockages 

CCTV cameras are of indisposable value when it comes to uncovering the reason for pipe blockage. In just a few minutes you will know for sure what is obstructing the piping system.

We have a wide selection of cameras, from mini ones which come in 20mmØ to tractor cameras which can reach up to 1.2mØ and that can tilt and rotate at the desired angle. With this latest technology, we can figure out the reason for blockages. 

Once you are informed about the cause, what is the best solution? Water jetting is in most cases the most affordable and easiest way of unclogging the affected pipes. With this approach, pipes can be in relatively short time cleaned of grease, mud, soil, dead leaves and other debris. 

With water jetting you will not need to dismantle the piping system which makes this service the most convenient one out there. 


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Besides our premium equipment, our Penrith Pipe and Cable Locating technicians have immense knowledge and experience. We are making sure that our every worker goes through extensive training, including the safety courses. 

We provide same-day service at the affordable pricing. You can rely on us that we will get down to work immediately and offer only quality service and great results. 

No matter the size of the construction job, we can give you the necessary support before the construction work takes place. Besides the pipe locating, we offer pipe cleaning, CCTV inspection, pipe freezing and a lot more. 

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