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Smoke Testing Sydney

Smoke testing is one of the most accurate and effective methods of locating the presence of cracks, gaps, leaks, and faulty connections in underground or in-wall pipes, as well as in sewers and stormwater systems. It can also be used to locate illegal hook-ups or to find sources of odor. 

For smoke testing, we use a non-toxic, non-corrosive, artificially created, and odorless smoke which is mixed with air and put under slight pressure to penetrate the closed pipe system. If any defects, cracks, leaks or breaks exist, smoke will escape and push its way to the surface allowing our technicians to accurately pinpoint the location of the leak. 

Once the smoke is injected, we will blow it down with a powerful fan so it will follow the path of least resistance, and it will exit the roof vents or wherever the problem is. Regardless of surface characteristics, soil composition and depth of the pipe, smoke testing is highly effective in detecting leaks.


Signs That Show You Need Smoke Testing

Only a professional technician can tell you whether you need a smoke testing or not for sure, but some conditions can show you will probably need this kind of service. If you can relate to some of the above-mentioned situations, we suggest you contact us as soon as possible:

Persistent sewer and pipe installation problems. You already had numerous inspections and repairs, but you still have sewer problems? Our smoke testing Sydney will help you find out where your leaks are located.

Undetectable sewer and pipe installation problems. If you are aware you have sewer problems, but you cannot find where the leaks are, you can count on our smoke testing experts will be able to find out where the issue lies. We will be able to find the cracks in your pipes that are not visible with the naked eye. 


What Our Clients Can Expect?

You can be sure that we will provide a fast, effective, and safe smoke testing service no matter if you need us to check pipe installation in your residential or commercial building. You can rest assured that there will be minimum disruption on site and that all the products we use are non-toxic, non-staining, no residue, odorless, and environmentally friendly.

We guarantee that the smoke is not harmful to you to breathe in, it will not cause fire hazards, and it will not damage your home. You can say goodbye to tedious leaks because we will figure out how to fix any problem you have.


Contact Us Now to Book Smoke Testing Sydney

If smoke testing looks like something you need, you can contact us through our website, or you can give us a call at any time. Our services are non-stop available, and our staff will work hard to ensure you get the best customer care.

In case you are aware that you need smoke testing, but you delay calling us because you don’t want someone to dig and ruin your loan, you can relax knowing that we will utilize trenchless repair technologies to get the job done whenever it is possible. 

Wait no more, and contact us today so someone from our department can assess your problem, tell you if smoke testing Sydney is right for you, and if it is we will send our expert team to get the job done as soon as possible!

Applications of Online Pipe’s Smoke Testing process:

  • Testing brand new installations of pipes
  • Finding leaks
  • System checks of pipes
  • Testing of ventilated sanitary sewer pipes
  • Discovery and location of lost manholes, broken or open clean outs, and abandoned service lines
  • Pinpoint the exact locations of leaks in walls, under floors, and in concrete slabs


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I appreciate Online Pipe’s availability, professional service and the great results we can achieve with the modern equipment they use.

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