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Blacktown Pipe and Cable Locating

No matter if the project at your hands is in a domestic, commercial or industrial sector, Blacktown Pipe and Cable Locating can assist you in an array of services. From locating and cleaning of the subsurface infrastructure to the detecting of leakages and other malfunctions of different kinds of pipes and drains.

Before commencing each new construction project, it is of utmost importance to locate all the pipelines, power cables, telecommunication cables, sewer lines and all other infrastructure that is undetectable on the surface. Locating their exact position is one of the safety measures that need to be put in place in order to avoid any potential hazards.

Besides this type of service, we can also help homeowners in discovering the reason behind the dysfunction of their pipes. With the newest technology, such as CCTV cameras and water jets, we can quickly see the problem and eliminate it in record time.


Blacktown Blocked Drains 

It is often that drains and pipes suffer from blockages. The causes of this can be various, from rain and other weather conditions that can affect your pipes, across nesting rodents, to dirt and grime that can easily build up. 

Our Blacktown blocked drains service can help you in identifying the true cause of the blockage. After we find the problem, we can successfully eliminate it with our state-of-art technology. However, before we get down to some serious work, we will first inspect your piping system with our CCTV cameras. Our equipment includes mini cameras from just 20mmØ and up to tractor cameras of up to 1.2mØ. Tractor cameras can be tilted and rotated which makes the detecting of the problems much easier.

As soon as we find out what is obstructing the pipes, we will get down to removing the problem. Most of the dirt can be removed with water jetting. With our high-pressure water jets can clean pipes from 40 millimetres to 1.2 meters in diameter. 


Blacktown Water Pipe Repair 

In cases when you are actually facing more than just a simple blockage, other methods need to be used. If you are suspecting a leak, we can help you in pinpointing the exact location of the crack in the pipe. Smoke testing proved to be an excellent way of figuring out where is the faulty connection. For this type of testing, we are using only non-toxic and odourless smoke, so there will be minimal disruptions during our work. 

Once the problem is adequately detected, a technique that can be of immense help during reparations is pipe freezing. What does this mean? By injecting liquid nitrogen to the affected pipe section, the water in the pipe will turn frozen. In that way, the rest of the water system or heating will not be turned off and the work on the frozen pipe can be commenced. This is an affordable and convenient way of pipe repairing which doesn’t include a lot of work, resources and manpower. 


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If you are looking for trustworthy Blacktown pipe and cable locating, cleaning or repairing, we are here at your service. Don’t wait until the construction begins and you run into potentially life-threating infrastructure in the ground. Also, do not leave that leak or blockage untreated, it can cause much bigger trouble later on, including flooding. 

Give us a call or fill out our online form and we will be at your place as soon as possible with all the necessary tools. With 23 years of experience, we can tackle any job and do it right the first time around. If you want a professional approach, we are the go-to team for you.


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