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Baulkham Hills Online Pipe and Cable Locating

TV lines, optic fibres, gas and water pipes and other underground utilities can easily be located with our modern tools and equipment. Our technicians and pipe and cable detectors are extremely effective, and the information we can provide may be essential for your next construction project.

There is no need to risk and start construction work without a detailed plan of your underground utilities because we will be at your service whenever you need us. Our team of professional technicians will help you avoid costly repairs of damaged infrastructure, keep everyone working on your site safe, and increase productivity and efficiency of all contractors that are engaged on your project. 

Whether you need to excavate your yard because of plumbing or other issues, or you want to build a new residential or commercial facility, we will make sure that all underground utilities on your site are precisely located.


Advantages Of Baulkham Hills Online Pipe And Cable Locating Services

With our innovative technology and experienced technicians, you will have a detailed report where your utilities are located and at what depth. Our equipment is portable and easy to handle and so we can inspect even the hard-to-reach parts of your property.

Since we are using ground-penetrating radar (GPR), our team can inspect almost all soil conditions, and detect the following:

  • Communication cables (data cables, fibre optic, wire trace, etc.)
  • Power cables (high voltage, low voltage, and CCTV ones)
  • Gas pipes (high pressure, low pressure, gas transmission pipelines, etc.)
  • Water pipes (irrigation systems, drain pipes, stormwater pipes, sewage pipes, etc.)

While you may have some old utility plans, they are probably outdated and can include coordinates that have changed over time. High-quality utility maps we provide are up-to-date and prevent that the other contractors and construction workers face significant risks. 


We Inspect Both – Residential and Commercial Properties

Our Baulkham Hills online pipe and cable locating team can quickly detect all metal and non-metal underground utilities on your residential as well as on your commercial property. We always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, and that is why we strictly follow safety standards and get the job done with minimum fuss.

While homeowners can make sure that there are only technicians left on-site during the pipe and cable location process, business owners usually cannot stop all their work, so the employees might stay in the facility. With our professional services, you and your family, employees and the entire property will be perfectly safe, and there is no need to evacuate the site.

Our methods are non-invasive, and GPR utility scanning we offer is one of the safest, most accurate ways to scan concrete and other types of soil. The 3D image report of the subsurfaces of your property will ensure that all segments of underground infrastructure are pinpointed accurately before the cutting and digging starts.


We are Serving Entire Baulkham Hills And the Surrounding Area

No matter where your property is located, we will be there at the previously arranged time. Our services are not limited to Baulkham Hills, so you can count on us even if you need professional pipe and cable locating at North Sydney, Inner West Sydney, and any other part of North Shore. 

In case you are planning a major investment in your business facility, or you are just doing a small makeover in your backyard, there is only one way to ensure that everything will be done with minimum risk – to contact us. 

If you are ready to get in touch with leading Baulkham Hills online pipe and cable locating service, feel free to fill out the online form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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I appreciate Online Pipe’s availability, professional service and the great results we can achieve with the modern equipment they use.

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I have been working with Online Pipe for many years. I am impressed with their modern equipment and availability. Their operators are always on time and get the results we need.

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