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We continue to use Online for their reliable and timely service. Their modern CCTV equipment and experienced operators are great.


Woolhara Council

I’ve used OnLine’s services for close to 23 years. We have built a great working relationship based on efficient and professional service and I will continue to use OnLine.


D & W Plumbing

We have a long held relationship with OnLine, they have very experienced operators and their availability is fantastic.


A & G Professional Plumbing

OnLine are a great team to work with. Their prompt timing, friendly service and cutting edge technology suits our business requirements accurately.


Robson Civil

I have been working with Online for many years. I am impressed with their modern equipment and availability. Their operators are always on time and get the results we need.


Blacktown Industrial Plumbing

I appreciate OnLine’s availability, professional service and the great results we can achieve with the modern equipment they use.


SN King Plumbing

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Pipe Freezing

Pipe freezing is highly regarded as the best technique for preparing pipes containing water for repairs, maintenance, and upgrade works. 

Pipe freezing is a method used to freeze the contents of a section of a pipe by applying liquid nitrogen to the perimeter of the pipe in a controlled manner until the contents of the pipe freeze and form an ice plug. The ice plug adheres to the pipe walls stopping water from flowing through the pipe during pipe repairs/maintenance works.

At this stage of the process (and only at this stage), isolation of a section of the pipe is achieved and work is able to be carried out on the pipe between the edges of the ice plug.

Our technicians remain on site as required by the Plumber/Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic, usually until all works have been completed.

When is Pipe Freezing needed?

»   To perform maintenance and repair works on pipes with non-functional valves.

»   When repair works are required on leaking pipes.

»   In order to replace valves or flanges in pipes with no zone valves.

»   To allow insertion of a branch in pipes with no zone valves.

»   Only option - For many commercial and industrial applications. 

Client Benefits

  • Safe
  • Convenient - No need to drain large quantities of water pre-works; No need to purge air / refill water post-completion
  • Flexible & Time Saving - No need to shut the whole system down (allowing normal operations elsewhere)
  • Cost-effective - Minimal labour and resources required
  • Reliable - Our Technicians have the training and experience to pipe freeze effectively, efficiently and safely
  • Quick - No extra workload is required
* Required