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Given the importance of CCTV camera inspections in diagnosing pipe issues, we provide details of the 3 steps involved in the process. This ensures we understand your needs at the outset and then provide the best service to deal with the issues at hand.

1. Call Online Pipe & Cable Locating (1300 665 384) with details of your requirements, including:

» Location of the job and access to the site

» Location of underground assets, inspection shafts, and shut-off valves

» Diameter and type of pipe (e.g. PVC, earthenware)

» Preferred date and time for scheduling and quotation purposes

» Our Operations team will provide a quote and discuss payment options with you

2. CCTV Camera Inspection

(a) After arriving on site, our technicians will prepare the area for Work Health and Safety requirements to ensure a safe working  environment and protect others from potential hazards. This may include setting up the site for working in confined spaces.

(b) Once the site is prepared, our technicians will prepare the CCTV camera and check all requirements for safe access to the pipe /drain / sewer line and operation of the CCTV camera.

(c) The CCTV camera (push-rod or tractor) is then inserted into the pipe. The CCTV inspection begins – the technician will adjust the CCTV camera settings to ensure correct operation (taking into account the size of the pipe, the surface etc.).

(d) From the Online Pipe & Cable Locating van, our technician manoeuvres the CCTV camera along the length of the pipe to the required distance, or until the blockage or issue is located and identified. Real time images are displayed on a computer in the back of the van. A recording of the inspection is saved and, if required, a DVD copy is prepared for the client.

3. Diagnosis & Reporting

Based on the findings of the CCTV camera inspection, our technician will determine if further remedial action can be taken – such as Water Jetting if there is a pipe blockage – or if other trades are required to undertake specialist works.

If required, Online Pipe & Cable Locating will provide a Report either in DVD format and /or a written report of the CCTV camera inspection.


Benefits of CCTV Camera inspections

» Most efficient method of identifying blockages (type and location) and determining the requirements for clearing blockages(e.g. Water Jetting and Vacuum Loading)

» Highly effective in Identifying issues

» Useful for planning remedial works and preventative maintenance

» Fast and effective

Depending on the results of the CCTV camera inspection, Online Pipe & Cable Locating has a range of complementary services which may be useful in dealing with a range of issues with underground assets. These include:

» Water Jetting » Drain Clearing » Vacuum Loading

» Non-Destructive Digging » Smoke Testing » Leak Detection

» Ground Penetrating Radar

Should you have any questions or require further information on CCTV camera inspections, or any of the above services, please call a member of our friendly team on 1300 665 384.