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Advanced CCTV camera technology has provided Online Pipe & Cable Locating with an effective way to diagnose almost any issue with underground pipes and help customers save time and money. 

The following is our list of The Top 5 benefits of CCTV camera inspections:

    1. No excavation required – unlike traditional methods which are more expensive and more time consuming.
    2. No-dig and non-destructive – Because CCTV camera inspection does not require digging or excavation, it is completely non-destructive. This means the cost of inspection and or diagnosis of a problem is minimal compared to breaking up above ground structures and excavation in order to get to the pipe or asset.
    3. Real-time results and reporting – Our technicians are able to view the internal pipe structure, blockages, and condition in real-time and also have the ability to record the entire inspection process on DVD and prepare Reports on findings
    4. Cost-effective – CCTV camera inspections are the most efficient way to determine the condition and possible issues within pipes, drains, and sewers. Through CCTV you eliminate the costs of excavation just to identify issues.
    5. Fast and precise – CCTV inspections can pinpoint issues quickly and deliver reports and results faster than any other method.

Where can CCTV camera inspections be performed?

Online Pipe & Cable Locating has a range of push-rod and tractor CCTV camera technology to suite pipes from 50mm to 90mm (mini push rod), 100mm-150mm (push rod) and >150mm (tractor camera). We can provide CCTV camera inspection and reporting on:

»  Sewer and storm water drains and pipes/lines

»  Conduits, piles, boreholes and manholes

»  Pre-commissioned gas and water mains

»  Cavities and underground storage tanks

»  Wet wells, vessels, and electrical conduits

What will a CCTV camera inspection reveal?

The most common issues our technicians come across when performing a CCTV camera inspection include the following:

»  Broken or cracked pipe work (*or other asset being inspected)

»  Misaligned pipes*

»  Collapsed pipes*

»  Drains with back fall and pipe work that has dropped

»  Crushed pipe work

»  Foreign objects in the pipe* (e.g. rubbish, children’s toys, balls, etc.)

»  Tree roots growing into the pipe* (typically to find/follow a source of water)

When do I need a CCTV camera inspection?

If you notice any of the following ‘signs’, you should consider calling us to enquire about a CCTV camera inspection.

»  Persistent blockages

»  Slow draining water or water that backs-up

»  Bad odours

»  Gurgling noises

As it will often save you time and money in the long-term, we recommend taking a “sooner rather than later” approach to investigating issues with underground assets. If you have any questions about CCTV camera inspections or require further information on any of our services, please call us on 1300 665 384 to discuss your needs.