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We live in an expanding urban environment with a hive of construction activity before us; cranes dot the skyline and excavators dig our roadways. However, before construction commences, much communication and planning occurs between stakeholders to ensure a safer construction environment. Part of this process involves the location of underground assets before construction commences, and as and when required to complete the project safely.


This Case Study by the Department of Employment called ‘Safer construction: Working with underground utilities’(1) highlights the process undertaken during the construction of the Westlink M7 motorway (M7) in Sydney.

Working to a similar approach to safety, Online Pipe & Cable Locating provide utility location services for the WestConnex project (M4) in Sydney. Given the proximity to densely populated suburbs and commercial and industrial precincts, as well as existing underground utilities, accurate locating services have helped preserve underground assets and service continuity and ensure the safety of workers on site.

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